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This Is China

A series that looks at the contrasts of this ever changing country

China is much more than a country it is a continent home to one of the worlds oldest and most remarkable civilizations. This ancient culture is now undergoing the fastest creative and commercial upheaval the world has ever seen. This dizzying modernization is visible in every aspect of Chinese life, and it is the tension and contrast between wrenching change and continuity the makes modern China so fascinating.

Modern China can be seen in every sprawling metropolis, but no city can compete with the worlds most populated, Shanghai. Its a city straight out of a science fiction movie! With pollution levels that are detrimental to peoples health. One of the places that recognizes the new trends is peoples park. No longer do you see people gather to practice tai chi, instead opting to practice their salsa dancing, play a little ping-pong and even line dance to techno music!

Ancient and traditional China is not completely lost, although much historic architecture has been deliberately destroyed in the rush to modernize. Moving west the population thins and the landscape begins to dominate. Here tradition has been unchanged for centuries, buddhist monks practice the same ceremonies as their ancestors in ancient incense filled monasteries and Hani people continue to cultivate rice terraces high up in the mountains of Yuanyang as they have done for the last 1300 years.

It is this incredible array of culture that makes China such a wonderful place to photograph the people and land that shaped their culture.

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